It’s almost as if she is a mirror in which you take a deep look at your own self to introspect, to see your own truths.
— J. Chavae
You have your legal advisor and your financial advisor, Crystal is your spiritual advisor. She works in the spiritual and physiological spaces simultaneously. Her presence is as light as a feather, but the work goes deeper than you’ve ever gone. Being with Crystal isn’t about necessity, it’s a natural desire. Her presence is always there. As a vessel, she is always available. The best thing about her work is how she flies out to me no matter where I am. I trust her as she holds everything in confidence ...
— JF


Everyday I have the opportunity to meet women that truly want change. I meet seemingly highly successful women that are tired of being stuck and are willing to do the work. And are ready to stop giving their power away. They are ready to live beyond the wall of material success. They are ready to feel themselves beyond the veil.

They are ready to change their narrative.

No matter where you are located in the world, I come to you. And we work. And we heal together embracing all of the shadows while exploring the light in perfect duality-and all of the shades of gray in between. We work through the trauma of destructive cellular patterns while exploring the dynamic beauty of all that surrounds us. We dance through the bodywork of meditation, breathwork, sound therapy, and embodied movement, both guided and free to release what no longer serves highest good on physical, emotional, biochemical and spiritual levels . Let's not forget the great nourishment and intentional rest throughout the process. We integrate sound healing, massage and many other modalities within our time together.

Focus: Clarity - Foundational Healing - Evolutionary Truth.

Our paths have converged. Are you ready? I serve as a guide. You are the healer.

This healing experience is most often one on one and is happily also curated to included family and friends that have become family as well if desired. 

The first experience is overnight and includes travel, lodging and all related expenses. 

Investment begins at $2500 and includes 3 month advisory retainer. 

Not quite ready for the investment, yet still want to connect and begin working together?